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On January 13, the company was incorporated and started to prepare for construction.

On June 30, the infrastructure project of production workshop was broken.

On September 30, the 35kV substation infrastructure project was started.

On April 10, 35kV Power Station successfully delivered power.

On April 27, the natural gas ignition was successful.

On May 4, 1 × galvanized wire was put through the belt for cooling.

On May 21, the mill was debugged successfully.

On May 25, the first volume of qualified galvanized steel strip was officially produced on the 2 × galvanized line.

On May 26, the longitudinal shear unit was successfully commissioned.

On June 8, the pickling line was debugged successfully, and the authentic products were produced by acid washing.

On July 8, 1 × galvanized line produced genuine products.

In October, Haigang successfully registered its trademark.

In December, ERP was successfully introduced and the information construction work was gradually carried out.



In November, the company applied for the first utility model patent (a kind of energy-saving annealing furnace roll for galvanized steel plate)


In December, the annual production was more than twice that of the previous year, with a year-on-year growth rate of 107.67%, and the product type developed to medium and broadband.

In March, Haigang galvanized strip went out of China and into the world.

In May, it won the honorary title of Tianjin famous brand products.

In August, it was awarded the certificate of safety production standardization level three enterprise (metallurgical rolling).

In September, he applied for six utility model patents.



In March, it won three management system certificates.

In June, the production management personnel went to Toyota company of Japan to learn the concept of lean production management and successfully introduced it.

In September, the company expanded the second phase of ground breaking and started construction, adding two zinc plating production lines and one acid continuous rolling production line, with an annual production capacity of 600000 tons.

In December, another six utility model patents were applied for.

By December, it won a number of honorary certificates.

In March, the lean production project was launched in cooperation with Professor Liu of Tianjin University, a domestic expert in lean production management, to further deepen the work of lean production management

In April, Li Shuqi, deputy mayor of Tianjin, and a group of leaders came to our company to investigate the implementation of lean production

In July, our company was rated as a deep demonstration enterprise of integration of two modernizations in Tianjin

In October, the second phase of the company's expansion project was completed, new equipment was put into production, and the capacity was greatly improved, with an estimated annual capacity of 1 million tons



In June, install and commission one 1000mm raw material shear

In July, won the Philippine trademark registration certificate

Galvanized 1 × 4 × 4 wire installation zinc thickness gauge

In October, 84100 grinder was installed with eddy current online flaw detector

Our company's galvanized steel strip won the Malaysian product standard


In January, won the Korean trademark registration certificate

In June, it won a patent certificate for production and technological invention of galvanized high-strength steel plate

In October, it won seven utility model patent certificates



In March, he became the director unit of Tianjin Chamber of Commerce of China International Chamber of Commerce

In April, install and commission one raw material shear



The main products are galvanized strip, pickled strip,

cold rolled strip and other products.

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