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YunYi Introduction      


Tianjin Haigang Yunyi New Material Co., Ltd. is a new modern enterprise integrating R&D, Manufacturing and Trading. The company is located in No.1, District A,North Industrial Area, Jinghai Tianjin China. It occupies 90,000 m2 in area of which 70,000 m2 are for building areas。

The company mainly produces Zero spangle galvanized steel coils, Galvalume steel coils, Cold Rolled Steel Coils and other different products. The main annual capacity is about 400,000 tons. Products are widely used in the construction industry, machinery manufacturing industry, household appliances, metal packaging and other fields. It established in August 2021, it is an important production enterprise in Jinghai。

We are based on Tianjin Haigang Steel Coil CO.,LTD.,which 13 years of experience of deep ploughing hot-dip galvanizing industry, The advantages of numerous science and engineering majors in Tianjin's universities in theoretical, academic, and practical reforms have been fully given play. The enterprise has been fully pursuing persistence, focus, excellence, meticulousness, and pursuit of excellence in the R&D and production processes。

In order to continuously improve the Marketing Competition, the company has attracted the recruitment of high-quality technical personnel and technical leaders, and greatly reduced the unit energy consumption, spare parts consumption and labor costs through continuous attempts to try out new technology, which has played a positive role in the improvement of the Yield and Qualification Ratio. The company has obtained 8 Utility Model Patents since it established.At the same time, 2 Invention Patents jointly studied with Tianjin Haigang Steel Coil Co., LTD. have been submitted。

The company is in a leading position in the industry and has always focused on product quality. It has passed

GB/T19001-2015 (ISO9001:2015)Quality management system certification

GB/T24001-2016(ISO14001:2015)Environmental management system certification

GB/T28001-2011(OHSAS18001:2007)Occupational health and safety management system certification

The company has kept the foothold in Jinghai and it is based on the development advantages of Binhai New Area, radiates the Northeast, North and Northwest, aims to build a domestic leading and international first-class high-tech enterprise in galvanized ( galvalume ) steel coils industry。

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The main products are galvanized strip, pickled strip,

cold rolled strip and other products.

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