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600,000 Tons 950mm Pickling, Rolling continuous production line


950mm 6 Roller rolling unit technical process

1 uncoiling→1# 5 roller straightening→2#uncoiling→2#5 roller straightening→centring mechanism double hydraulic shear waste collection

institution →steering mechanism→pooling pinchwelder→1#adjustment system→1#tension entry accumulator→2# adjustment system

→4# adjustment system→2# steering→2# tension-acid-pickling tank→ purging of edge air dryer→5 adjustment system→3# tension

→exit accumulator→exit steering institution→4# tension→6# adjustment system→3 roller steady institution→1#-4# rolling- shearing

1# recoiling pinch→1# recoiling machine→2# recoiling pinch→2# recoiling→ unloading institution



Four 850mm Continuous Hot Dip Galvanizing Mill

Hr cgl Technical process.


Coil Loading→Uncoiling→Cutting→Entry Accumulator→Washing→Heating and Deoxidization→GalvanizingAir Cooling→Water Quenching

Air Dryer→Tension Leveled→ChromatedAir Dryer→Shearing→Recoiling→Coil Unloading→Packing




400,000tpy Push-pull Pickling Mill

Pickling Technical Process

Coil loading→Uncoiling→Cutting→Flattening→Pickling→Rinsing→Dryer→Exit accumulator→Tension→Cutting→Recoiling→Coil unloading→Packing

Pickling Line products:

Thickness: 2.0-50mm Width: 500-950mm LD: p 508- 610mm O D: o 1000- 1800mm Coil weight: max12t


400,000tpy 950mm 4-high 4 Stand Tandem Cold Rolling Mil


Technical Process

Coil loading→Uncoiling→Cutting→Welding→Entry accumulator→Steering roll bridle roll→Tensiometer roll→Hydraulic cutting shear→Cold rolling mill→Shearing Recoiling→Coil unloading Packing

CRC Product spec

Thickness range: 0.5-2.5mm width range: 500-860mm

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The main products are galvanized strip, pickled strip,

cold rolled strip and other products.

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